Explore Day 10: Cuisine de la francophone

There are some activities planned by the animateurs that can you can only sign up for the morning of. So I went early before class to sign up for Cuisine de la Francophone. The first list was already full so I signed up for the second list.

Explore activities room

At 2:15pm our group of 24 people walked over to Pavillon Marie-Parent’s kitchen to make our food. They gave us a recipe, the ingredients and we split up into groups.

Next week is a dessert recipe, I can’t wait to join that one! This recipe was only mediocre but it was simple enough to make.
After dinner Linda, Candy and I took the bus to Vieux Quebec to walk around. It was quite crowded with the summer festival. We stopped at Paillard because I’ve always wanted to try their macarons! It’s a busy bakery that sells gelato, coffee, sandwiches, and baked goods.
I tried one Macaron Nouveauté which is suppose to be violet flower flavour. The taste was good but I wasn’t a fan of the texture which wasn’t chewy enough.

When we left the store one of the cutest things I’ve seen in awhile happened! A girl toddler walked towards us and held Linda’s hand. Then she let go and held my hand then Candy’s. Her parents watched by her side and told her to go but she just kept holding our hands. It was very adorable and she was so friendly! 🙂
There was a street performance where a man juggled with fire. There was a good crowd surrounding him so we watched for awhile.
We planned to just walk to Chateau Frontenac and then return to the university but we accidentally made our way to Place Royale which is by the river where the cruises are docked.
It definitely took longer to return to campus from this location but all the old buildings looked so nice at night with its backlights. Also, the streets were not crowded like it would be in the day with all the tourists. I’m glad we made our way here to be able to see this place at night because I’ve come in the day before.

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