Explore Day 19: Best Apple Crumble Recipe Ever!

At the beginning of every week we get a booklet called “Papier Bavard” with information on all the activities of the week. There are many to choose from and you can register according to your schedule. Last week I joined Cuisine francophone which was fun so I joined again this week, especially since I heard we were going to be making a dessert!

Paper bavard

Last week’s recipe was only mediocre but this week’s was SO delicious! We made an apple crumble which doesn’t sound very unique but it was the best apple crumble I’ve ever tried. The recipe is called Croustade aux pommes and croustade translates to “crisps” but I felt that it was more crumble-like than crisp-like.

Apple crumble recipe


There were five groups of 6 people each and we had a competition for whose apple crumble was the best. The three animateurs were the judges after taste testing.


A crown for a clear winner!
Waiting the 30 minutes for it to finish baking felt so slow because the cinnamon and apple aroma wafted throughout the entire kitchen. The apples were tender, hot and coated in cinnamon and nutmeg. The crumble was soft, buttery, and slightly crispy. 
In the end our group won best apple crumble! What’s even better was that it was a clear win because all the animateurs agreed that ours was the most delicious. Other groups asked us what special ingredient we put in ours and someone from our team replied, “We made it with love and friendship.” Funny answer! 😛
This recipe is the reason why I love fresh baked goods. I need to make this again! All in all it was a very satisfying afternoon of baking.

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