Explore Day 20: Aux Anciens Canadiens

I was looking forward to today all week because I registered for Bonne Bouffe (Good Eat/Food) which is where animateurs take a group of us Explore students to one of three popular restaurants in Quebec and we all dine together. I chose Aux Anciens Canadiens but the other choices were Le Petit Cochon and Chez Victor.

Aux Anciens Canadiens is located in Old Quebec and is the oldest house in the city dating back to 1675!


Left to right: Rosemarie, Cally, Francine

The ambiance was traditional with plates and paintings on the walls but there was also a modern looking bar. The servers were dressed in olden day dresses. I like these type of restaurants especially as a tourist. It reminds me of a more polished version of Cabane à Sucre which I also enjoyed very much.

Left to right: Me, Sabrina, Victoria, Jenny

Since we went as a group, we ordered off the set group menu. It was a three course meal with a glass of wine or beer included.

Set Group Menu

Drink choices included red or white wine or beer on tap. There was plain and garlic bread which both came toasted but barely warm.

The soup of the day was Cream of Leek and Potato which came warm and nicely blended. It was a little too salty for my preference.
Cream of Leek & Potato

I ordered the Coulibiac Style Salmon which was a puff pastry baked with mixed salmon, vegetables and small shrimp inside. The portion was large and it did taste good but not what I was expecting when I read it off the menu. The salmon seemed like the ones out of a can.

Coulibiac style salmon
Friends at my table ordered the chicken dish and the meat pie dish. The chicken was said to be too dry which I wasn’t surprised because many restaurants make chicken breast too dry.
Meat pie
Chicken breast and vegetables
Lastly was the dessert which was maple syrup pie. It was very sugary and sweet but I liked it, especially the pie crust.
Maple Syrup pie

Aux Anciens Canadiens is a good place to try Quebecois food in a popular tourist area. After our meal, we took a stroll to Chateau Frontenac. The weather was perfect: hot with a slight breeze by the St. Lawrence River. I probably commented on the weather here way too many times in these Explore posts.

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