Explore Day 7: Chanson Francophone

The blue sky and sun were gorgeous today but photos could not capture the morning breeze which was actually quite chilly!

I walk through the park into this grassy field every morning to get to class. Today I noticed these huge flying insects especially around the park area. I couldn’t capture a picture fast enough but I’ve never seen them in Vancouver before. Hopefully they don’t sting or carry venom.

I went to my first Chanson Francophone workshop this afternoon at 2:15pm. 

We started off with an ice breaker game to get to know each other, then watched clips of francophone music videos and named the music genre. Afterward we were given lyrics to a song called  Dégénérations. The two animateurs, Philipp and Laurent played piano and bass while we sang along.

Since it was such nice weather I treated myself to my first ice cream sandwich of 2012! There was a variety of ice cream sold at the campus convenient store but I haven’t had ice cream sandwich in so long so I chose that. YUM.

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