Banff Trip Day 2: Jasper/Banff and BeaverTails

At the end of Day 1 we stayed at Valemount, BC. In the morning we continued our road trip and stopped at Mount Robson. I’ve been here a few times and fortunately every time the weather has been gorgeous.

We were at Mount Robson before noon so there weren’t as many people which allowed for a clear photo. I got bitten by a mosquito right on the neck here and it swelled for the rest of the trip. On top of that, when we watched the news at night they were warning Canadians of the West Nile virus spread by mosquitoes throughout the country.

After a few more hours of driving we finally made it into Jasper National Park! There was a cost of $19.60 for a day pass in the park which was actually valid for a few more than 24 hours.

We stopped at a few scenic places in the park including Athabasca Falls and Peyto Lake. In the park you really feel  how small you are among the tall trees and staggering mountains. The drive between different falls and lakes were at least an hour long!


Athabasca Falls
The first time I went to Columbia Icefield there was a lot more snow. Over the years the snow line has been receding more and more each time I visit.
Columbia Icefield

In the evening we went to downtown Banff which I was looking forward to because I wanted to visit BeaverTails. Finding a parking spot was a bit difficult, maybe that’s why this person was in such a rush and parked like this.

Downtown Banff
This BeaverTails was smaller than the one in Old Quebec but equally busy.

I tried the Apple Cinnamon BeaverTail in Quebec so this time I tried the Chocolate Hazelnut one. It was so delicious and crispy fresh out of the fryer. However, I think I prefer the apple one better.

The last stop of the day was Bow Lake before staying in Canmore, AB for the night. Apparently this was the place where Marilyn Monroe shot a scene of the movie, River of No Return.


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