Explore Day 34: Last Day of Class & Picnic

Official last day of Explore 🙁 For morning classes I completed two final exams and then the summer Explore program was officially over. I was happy to be done classes but at the same time all the other activities come to an end as well. Our class took photos with our main teacher Céline, who we spent five weeks 5 days a week with.

Class ended at 12:10pm, a little over time than usual. Tam, Linda, Candy and I went to La Popessa across from PEPs (ULaval sports centre) for lunch. I ordered a L’Atlantique Penne lunch combo which came with tea, and chocolate banana cake. The pasta with smoked salmon tasted good.
We stopped by Metro to buy food for the end of session picnic and I got an apple pie.
At 5pm a group of Explore students and animateurs took the bus to the Plains of Abraham for our picnic. We set our food on a bench and munched away! Many people brought baguette and cheese which was quite French-like.

It felt nice to relax after a week of final exams to just share food and news with friends. We talked about things that happened in the last five weeks and which day we will be leaving Quebec. There were also card games, frisbee, football and a live classical music concert going on.
We stayed until around 8:30pm when Adrian, David, Kurtis, Candy, Linda and I spontaneously decided to walk across the Plains toward the St. Lawrence River. Taking a stroll after a large meal was a good idea anyways.
It definitely took longer than we expected but along the way the view was gorgeous like in many parts of the city. We ended up right by the river when the sun had set.

Left to right: Linda, David, Kurtis, Adrian, Me, Candy
I was surprised by the moon at that location. The photo below does not do it justice at all. The moon was so large, round, and close to the horizon and its light glittered off the water. I’ve never seen the moon so close and low before, it was magnificent!

We walked some more until we reached Petit Champlain which was quite a ways from where we started. There were still many people eating on the restaurant patios. We strolled through some stores and stopped at an ice cream place.

All in all, it was an evening to unwind on the last day after five activity filled weeks. I think most of us were thinking that we just want to spend as much time as we can with our new friends before we start taking their flights, trains, and buses back home tomorrow and the day after.
At this moment, I feel fortunate to be Canadian to be able to have a chance to experience something like Explore. Students from elsewhere can join the same program too but us Canadian students received a bursary from the government. Before coming to Quebec I was worried about this and that but once I arrived I realized that I had nothing to worry about except if the photos of all my great memories turned out blurry. I had so much to gain and nothing to lose. Win Win. C’est vraiment les cinq semaines dont je me souviens toujours. 

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