Taiwan Day 52: Second Day of Camp

Day Fifty Two

July 2- The second day of camp went by faster than the first, probably because we anticipated the high energy of the kids. In the morning we went to play dodgeball like we promised them yesterday. It was quite entertaining watching them split teams because the boys and girls refused to have co-gender teams even though the boys were outnumbered. So in the end it was boy versus girl on the field.

Splitting teams to play dodgeball

After sports, we went back indoors for some lessons about different ways to think about things. Each of us introduced a theme and compared Taiwan with our home country. For me, I talked about the environment and recycling practises in Taiwan compared to Canada.

The elementary school

Although the kids tired me out a lot, I knew that I would miss them. They would call us “teacher teacher” and ask us silly questions. I think the part I enjoyed most today was playing hangman with them to get them to practise their English vocabulary. Surprisingly they were very into the game and soon asked to give the word themselves so that they could challenge other students.

Kids and coordinators of the camp

Learning how to communicate with your peers can already be a challenge sometimes but with kids it is a whole different language.

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