Malaysia 5-Day Itinerary: Day One

5 Day Itinerary in Malaysia

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Overall trip destinations: Malacca, KL, Cameron Highlands, Penang
Malacca destinations
Day 1

Over 5 days, my travelling buddy, Brittney and I visited 4 places in Malaysia over 5 days. Although we only stayed a short period in each place, we had a jam-packed schedule and covered a lot of distance.

The first day we took a bus from Singapore to Malacca. We booked our ticket for SGD$21 via this website and went to City Plaza near Paya Lebar MRT where the bus company, Delima is located. This website is useful for checking bus schedules and costs. All the costs were correct except one leg from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur which was cheaper at the ticket stall but only by a few ringgits.

Our bus was scheduled for 8:30am but didn’t depart until about 15 minutes later. The seats were large and comfortable but remember to bring a jacket because the air conditioning gets very cold.


It took about an hour before the bus reached the Singapore-Malaysia border. We all alighted to go through departure to exit Singapore borders then got back on the bus. But one group had trouble at the border and the entire bus waited for more than an hour for them. When everyone was back, the drive went ahead for less than 10 minutes to enter the Malaysian border. This time we had to bring all our luggage with us to go through the scanners.
Again we had to wait for a late group which greatly delayed the overall timing of our trip. A bus ride from Singapore to Malacca should be around 3-4 hours. Although we left City Plaza at 8:40am we didn’t get to Malacca Central until 2:00pm! There was one snack and washroom stop in between.
Once we arrived at the Malacca Central bus station, we bought the bus ticket for tomorrow morning to Kuala Lumpur (RM 10). At the bus station, we took the public bus 17 to Dutch Square (RM 1.5). It was convenient and took us directly to the tourist area without having to pay for the taxi which would cost at least RM 20.
We stayed at Karim CT Guest House which was a short walk from Dutch Square but felt slightly long because the sun was strong. Our double room with air conditioning and shared bathroom cost RM 65. It was very simple with two beds, two towels, a small mirror and a small cabinet but it was clean and there was air conditioning so we were comfortable. The washroom was also clean.
After putting our things down we went to explore the tourist area but the museum I wanted to go to was already closed! If the bus wasn’t so delayed we would’ve made it.


Nonetheless it was still nice to walk around and take in the sights. The extravagant rickshaws were a sight on its own! Upbeat music is played as the cyclists take tourists around the city.

There was a lot of food and small boutiques on Jonker Street. Most of the tourists seemed to be concentrated here. Since it was a weekend, there was a night market on Jonker Street and I noticed that some vendors were the same as the ones from the shops in the daytime.

Be sure to check out the Malacca River by day and by night. It is next to Jonker Street and across from Dutch Square so you will probably be in the area if you’re sightseeing anyways. There are nice coffee shops facing the water to take a breather from the sunny rays.

Not only does the river transform at night but so do the rickshaws! As Brittney said, it was like a party of rickshaws with the lights and music!
End of Day 1!

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