Malaysia 5-Day Itinerary: Day Two

5 Day Itinerary in Malaysia

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View from stairs at Batu Caves
KL destinations
Day 2
To catch our 8am bus from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur we had to take a taxi from the hostel to Malacca Central bus terminal which was about 15 minutes and cost RM25 since it was a weekend.
We took Delima bus (RM 10) again and it was very punctual. We left on the dot at 8am and arrived at B’spadu Selatan bus terminal in KL at 10am. We took the LRT from Bandar Tasik Selatan station to Plaza Rakyat station and walked a short distance to Puduraya Sentral.

Pudu Sentral


It was a bit overwhelming because staff of bus companies would stand in the lobby hassling you to buy a bus ticket from them. You will constantly hear, “Where do you want to go?” shouted at you. Anywho we got our bus tickets (RM 35) from Unititi Express on the second floor to Cameron Highlands the next morning. Don’t recommend this bus company though, more on this in Day 3.
Our hostel, Irsia BnB, was conveniently located near Imbi Station. When you alight, walk towards the large hotel and on the street behind the hotel will be the hostel. We got a double room, no air conditioning, and shared bathroom for RM 70. It was okay clean but I did find some ants crawling over my water bottle and things.
Since we were only here for a day we didn’t buy a MyRapid pass that locals use to tap for transit. But not all the train lines are owned by the same company hence the pass wouldn’t work on all. It was still convenient to pay by cash since we weren’t on the train at rush hour.
We took the train to KL Sentral station then switched to the KTM Komuter line towards Batu Caves (RM 2). The journey took about 40 minutes and the train was empty, new, and nicely air conditioned.

Train to Batu Caves
There were a lot of tourists at Batu Caves but not too many on the 272 stairs that led up to the temple. The steps aren’t very wide and the incline is slightly steep so if you have bigger feet it might be harder to keep your balance.
Batu Caves

We made it to the top in about 20 minutes with a detour in the middle to see the wild monkeys at the entrance of a cave on the left. You won’t miss the cave because during the hot walk up there will be a sudden drop in temperature emitted from the dark cave.



Inside the cave

The walk down was more nervewracking due to the height but nothing unmanageable. We were glad to sit in the train with air conditioning after walking in the sun. We took it to Kuala Lumpur Station and walked to Petaling Street which is Chinatown and then to Central Market. The indoor portion of the Market sells many souvenir goods and has a food court and individual coffee shops.

Finally we took the train to KLCC station to see the Petronas Twin Towers. Exiting the station led us to a huge mall located right under the towers. We just had to leave the mall and look up to see.

I liked both views of the tower and it was good that we went to KLCC in the late afternoon so we didn’t have to wait too long before the sun set to see the night view as well.

Jinyee, a local in KL, showed us an air conditioned walkway that took us from the convention centre at KLCC to Bukit Bintang where there was a vibrant night scene with malls, bars, and restaurants. It’s more convenient than switching train lines and the walk allowed us to see more of the city.

End of Day 2!

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