Bali 4-Day Itinerary: Day One

4 Day Itinerary in Bali

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Kuta Beach, Bali

Day 1

Departing from Singapore we took a 7:15am flight to Denpasar-Bali. The flight was 2.5 hours long. We encountered our first scam in Bali at the airport so be careful!

Jetstar flight

Upon exiting the departure hall there will be many taxi drivers yelling “taxi! taxi!” at you and ushering you towards their taxis. We could tell that we couldn’t just get on any taxi and negotiated a price before getting into the car with one driver but we made the mistake of getting into a taxi without a metre. Our hotel was only a 10 minute drive from the airport and we were charged Rupiah Rp 150,000 for a normally Rp 10,000 trip. Only take taxis with a metre, like the Blue Bird taxis!

We stayed at Eden Hotel for the duration of our trip and had a good experience there. The hotel is new and clean. There was staff cleaning the place all the time and more staff at the outdoor pool making drinks and food. We were able to easily exchange money at the hotel counter. Don’t trust the many money exchange stalls saying they don’t take commission because they will find another way to take a portion of your money!

Kuta Beach

After dropping off our things we walked around Kuta. The area is very touristy with crowds of foreigners and locals, many stalls and even more cars and motorbikes. Vendors were trying to sell you products or services constantly as you walk past them. The famous Kuta Beach was about a 15 minute walk from our hotel and to be honest I was quite disappointed.

The sand was dirty with pieces of cigarette butts and beer cans. The water was brown and murky. It was not anything like the images you see on the internet but that is what happens to places that have been overpopulated with tourists.
After viewing the sunset at Kuta Beach we walked further to the newest mall called Beach Walk. The mall has clear western influence and were filled with more tourists than locals.
Dinner at Beach Walk mall

That is the end of a relaxing Day 1! A more eventful Day 2 followed with a full day tour of the island.

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