Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Day 4

On Day 4 we explored another seaside town north of Puerto Vallarta called Bucerias. In the evening, we took our time to enjoy the beautiful sunset in PV.


It is already halfway through this trip! We slept until we woke up naturally (the best feeling!) then headed on a walk for about 20 minutes to Gallerias, a big mall across the street from the cruise terminal. The bus stop to Nuevo Vallarta was there and we hopped on a local bus that was all white and had ATM written on the side. The 40-minute ride at 17 pesos per person took us to Bucerias.

Bucerias is a seaside town that is much less crowded than Zona Romantica and, I found, had more locals. We took photos on the beach and strolled through the markets that sold various souvenirs.

We were looking for lunch and ended up at a fish taco place. There was a simple kitchen and some plastic chairs and tables set up. We ate delicious fried fish and shrimp tacos. I ordered caguamanta for the first time and liked it a lot! It’s a red seafood soup with shrimp and fish served with tortilla chips.

After a filling and very affordable lunch, we took the bus back to Gallerias and walked around enjoying the air conditioning. Walmart and Sam’s Club were next door.

Playa Holiday In En Puerto Vallarta

In the early evening, we went to explore the beach behind our hotel. I wish we had come earlier because it is a very nice and wide beach. At that hour, it wasn’t crowded at all. There were many local families with their own umbrellas and food baskets. Most of the foreigners were from the nearby hotels that had pools facing the beach (e.g. the Grand Venetian.)

Sunset at the beach

We took lovely photos during the sunset. It was perfect golden hour lighting, the temperature was great without being too hot and it felt so relaxing to go for a stroll. One of the best things about going on vacation is taking the time to fully absorb the sunset at the end of the day.

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